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Bronco Babe Hair Claw Clip

Bronco Babe Hair Claw Clip

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Designed specifically for fierce and adventurous girls who love driving in their Ford Broncos, our Bronco Babe Hair Claw Clip is the perfect accessory to enhance your style and elevate your driving experience. This stylish and functional clip effortlessly secures your hair during all your wild adventures, whether you're conquering off-road terrain or cruising through the city streets.

With its unique Bronco-inspired design, this claw clip captures the essence of your adventurous spirit. It keeps your hair firmly in place, no matter how thrilling your drive becomes. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to hassle-free hair, as the sturdy grip ensures your locks stay tamed on any terrain or at any speed.

But it doesn't stop there. The Bronco Babe Hair Claw Clip not only complements your fearless style, but it also offers practicality on the go. Your hair will remain distraction-free, allowing you to fully enjoy your driving experience without any worries.

At Claw Clipz, we understand that individuality is key, especially for girls who drive Ford Broncos. That's why we offer the option to customize the colors of our Bronco Babe Hair Claw Clip. With a wide range of color options available, you can create a clip that perfectly matches your Bronco's iconic hues or reflects your personal fashion preferences. Express yourself like never before and make a bold statement on the road with a custom-colored hair claw clip that embodies your adventurous spirit.

Join the ranks of fearless and fashionable Bronco babes who turn heads wherever they go. Don't let anything hold you back from expressing your unique style. Get your hands on the Bronco Babe Hair Claw Clip today and unleash your creativity on the open road!

Care Instructions

Spot Clean Only
-Do not wash
-Do not bleach
-Do not tumble dry
-Do not iron
-Do not dry clean

Handmade Accents

Dimensions & Materials

-4.1" Long
-Plastic Clip with Acrylic Decorations

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