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Spirit Claw Clip

Spirit Claw Clip

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Introducing our dazzling Spirit Hair Claw Clip – the ultimate accessory to showcase your school pride in style! Elevate your game day experience and let your loyalty shine with a customizable hair claw clip that celebrates your school's colors and proudly displays your beloved mascot's name.

At Claw Clipz, we understand that school spirit runs deep, and our Spirit Hair Claw Clip is here to help you express it like never before. Each clip is expertly designed to match your school's primary colors, ensuring a seamless and eye-catching integration with your team's apparel and merchandise. Whether you're cheering in the bleachers, leading chants at pep rallies, or simply making a statement on campus, our Spirit Hair Claw Clip will make sure you're noticed.

What truly sets our product apart is the option for personalization. You have the opportunity to add your school's iconic mascot name to the clip, creating a one-of-a-kind accessory that not only showcases your dedication but also represents your unique connection to your school. Whether you're a proud Wildcat, a fierce Bulldog, a resilient Warrior, or an unstoppable Titan, our customization options allow you to wear your school spirit on your sleeve – or, in this case, in your hair!

Celebrate your school colors, honor your mascot, and make every game day a memorable expression of team pride with our Spirit Hair Claw Clip. Show your school spirit in the most fashionable and personalized way possible.

Care Instructions

Spot Clean Only
-Do not wash
-Do not bleach
-Do not tumble dry
-Do not iron
-Do not dry clean

Handmade Accents

Dimensions & Materials

-4.1" Long
-Plastic Clip with Acrylic Decorations

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